Graphical heterosexuality in retreat

Holy f*ck, I’ll say. This matches today’s episode, however.

According to my recent brief research, heterosexuality is in a massive retreat, when it comes to erotic art. Or, more precisely, “proper” consensual sex with mixed-gender partners.

Let’s have a look at any popular erotic art gallery, say,, and see what jumps out at us. Rapes, orgies, lesbians, female masturbation in possibly ridiculous poses and with any objects imaginable, dick-girls… Okay, but let’s try to find something different: a male-female couple (races are irrelevant, as long as humanoid) having a regular consensual intercourse (I’m not even talking about ‘making love’, that’d be way too much to ask). Upon carefully flipping through a gallery of WoW fan art, 360 pictures in total, how many did actually have the aforementioned theme? Six. Six pictures. Here’s the links, for posterity: Queen and Consort, On the Throne, Omnomnom (kudos for the title!), At Long Last, Draenei Couple, and my definite favourite – August. NSFW, naturally.

While I wholeheartedly acknowledge that all kinds of “perversion” tend to be more tempting than the regular “under covers and lights off” sex, forbidden fruit and all, but when that becomes about 2% of all erotic works… then what’s “perverse” about the 98%? Also, titles and captions still label all homosexual activities as “forbidden”, “different”, “risque”… Yeah right.

Artists out there, why don’t you simply admit once and for all that you can’t draw male bodies for, pardon the pun, balls? (And I’m talking fairly fully-shown male bodies – part of a buttock and a 30-inch member shooting a jet of liquid at a pressure that would put a firehose to shame into the eye of a female… doesn’t count, really.)

Dear scarce readers – if you do find something of the aforementioned genre (that is: male/female, consensual sex, additional points for chemistry other than “oh your humongous dick is penetrating my right lung it feels so good”) please link in the comments. Damn, it’s about time to turn this art revolution back against itself ;P



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2. Kto jest chory a kto przestępca, czyli Orwell kontratakuje
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