Basically I do whatever I can.

First of all – I code. Any language is fine, I’m not picky – I can learn very fast, as long as the project itself keeps me entertained. So far I’ve done:

  • A World of Warcraft add-on displaying leveling guides on a step-by-step basis.
  • Some cosmetic coding around the WordPress engine (read more)
  • Several websites, often with CMS elements. (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Flash)
  • An avatar generator, layering multi-element apparel and body parts into user-defined characters. (PHP)
  • A small program allowing the user to play the Guitar Hero controller like… well, a guitar-shaped toy vibraphone. No-one’s going to say it’s not an instrument, anymore! (C#, DirectInput)
  • A work time clock, calculating the time spent on parts of a project. Think punchclock and stopwatch and progress log combined. Unfinished. (C#)
  • Launchpad, a program designed to replace (and enhance) the Windows Start menu. Unfinished. (C#)
  • WPF-based animated interface for the above. (C#)
  • Parts of a CRM system, responsible for ISDN telephony (using CAPI), voice modem-based call management, coding and decoding Class 1 faxes over ISDN or analog lines, and Skype support. (Java; Huffman, SFF)
  • A TTF font manager for Windows. (C#)
  • QuestAreas, a World of Warcraft add-on recording coordinates of completed quest objectives. (Lua)
  • An interface to control a Novation A-Station synthesizer through MIDI using custom screen controls. (C#, MIDI)
  • “Gopher”, a program searching through a base of MIDI files and trying to find a specific piece basing on a whistled or hummed tune. This was my master’s thesis project. (Borland C; Fourier, MIDI)
  • A graphics generator for TVP (Polish national TV) visualising the position of the peleton on a Tour de Pologne race map segment. (Borland C)
  • A simplistic but scriptable MUD client for Linux. (Perl)
  • ROSkin, a skin generator for Ragnarok Online. (Delphi)
  • … and some prehistoric knick-knacks from high school times: a battleships game with a simple AI that could consistently cheat (by moving ships out of the way into unexplored areas before happily announcing a miss to the frustrated user) (Pascal); a “coloris”-type game using SVGA graphics; a savegame editor tracking changing values between saves; a full localisation of the game X-COM: Terror from the Deep (my translation still circulates the web); a Supaplex game level editor (textmode, with a modified charset); a sound file ripper/player (the good old times of playing the Dune 2 soundfiles one after another using some wrong bitrate).

Second of all – I do 3D modelling:

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