Magic Pen

Magic drawing tools are in every other fairytale – here you can get your own. The red circle (or square) has to collect all the flags, and to move it around you’ll use your magic pen to create physical objects. Draw a pyramid shape, pin a long board on top of it – here’s a teeter-totter for you. And so on… The levels here are few, but every one of them can be completed in many, many ways!



1. => Magic Pen
2. Prince of Persia 2008
3. Mirror's Edge
4. Crysis
5. Grid
6. Anal [Puncture] czyli WoW w dupie
7. Wieśmin etap 4 za nami!
8. SPORE rozczarowanie
9. Kinematografia analna
10. Eye of the beholder, or where the camera resides
11. Relacja - dzień 3: środa, 2.07.08
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