Repairing a broken USB port in a Wacom Intuos 4 L

Wacom Intuos 4 L tablets are notorious for having their USB ports just soldered on top of the PCB and breaking off at the slightest push. Whoever at Wacom thought flat mounting of an element that’s inevitably going to be subject to stress is a good idea should be fired, and then fired upon. When users complained, Wacom support had the audacity to claim the socket must’ve been broken by excessive force, and they can only replace the Intuos 4 L board with a new one, at the price of almost a new unit, and of course the new PCB is going to have the same design flaw as the old one, so it’ll break sooner or later anyway.

(Blatant keywording notice. This post is intentionally chock full of direct references to Wacom, Intuos 4 L, and broken USB ports. Hopefully it’ll be useful to people with the same problem.)

No way, Wacom. Let’s fix this baby.

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